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Greetings to all those who've made it here because you found us on Facebook, Google, or just by typing in our web address into your browser!! This website has been a long time coming - Since the opening of Dean's new office in Waynesboro/Fishersville, we've been meaning to put up a website. Thanks to our diligent and loving son, Phil, we've finally entered into the world of the interweb and the blogosphere!

Thanks again to everyone for visiting, and if you are a potential patient, please feel free to contact us about any concerns you have on the our office page of our website! Just fill out the form and it sends us an email. Tell your friends about us too, we'd love to serve any of your foot care needs, and we're always open to help you understand any of your potential foot care concerns!

We hope to get some more pictures and post up soon too...stay tuned!

John Doe
4/13/2012 04:09:51 am

Amazing how this website and all of its information is in the same order and identical to another podiatrists office I just viewed. Did you all use the same company?


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